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Do you have an employer brand you would like to promote? A strong employer brand you want to make more of? A perception problem you would like to address?

Showcasing real people and adding interactivity allows HireCast to be the perfect tool to increase awareness, improve engagement and add effectiveness to your employer brand.

Watch the video or read the list of features below to find out more.

Real people, with real stories

Using interviews with your employees brings job descriptions to life. It gives candidates a real feel for more intangible factors such as corporate culture, the working environment and their potential co-workers. This gives candidates an insight into the things that matter to them, which can’t be communicated by a traditional job description.

Show off!

HireCast Interactive Video is a great way to shout about what makes your company great. Whether it’s exciting projects, great company benefits, out of hours social life or just a fantastic working environment, HireCast Interactive Video can show your potential candidates this better than any text-based job description.

Keeping on Brand

All this can be achieved whilst still reinforcing your company brand, keeping your HireCast Interactive Video entirely bespoke to your branding guideline and adding another facet in your Employer Branding strategy.

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We chose HireCast as it allows us to create an interactive employer brand video that not only stands out against our competitors, but positions us as highly innovative to potential candidates.


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