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Do you want to stand out from the competition to appeal to top graduates and school leavers? Do you want to increase awareness and make your existing program more attractive?

HireCast is perfect to appeal to students, teachers and parents alike and ensure you are positioned as the top employer in your sector. The interactivity adds a dimension and innovation to your attraction unmatched by your competitors.

Watch the video or read the list of features below to find out more.

Mass appeal

Using branching videos, you can focus on giving the appropriate information for students, parents and teachers. This ensures all parties involved are well informed, without bogging them down with unnecessary details.

Show don’t tell

Engage students by showing them the exciting projects they can be involved with. Assure parents that their child won’t just be doing the photocopying. Demonstrate to teachers how the skills students learn in the classroom will be put into to practice.

Support networks

Students can be daunted by entering the workplace, so showing them their potential co-workers and mentors can reassure them. Also, it’s a great way to introduce possible future apprentices and graduates to a support network that can offer them guidance throughout their time at your company.

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The interactive technology behind HireCast was the perfect choice for our apprenticeship video, allowing us to create an engaging film relevant for all student, parent and teacher audiences.

Mott MacDonald

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