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Do you have a new office or an existing office that struggles to attract top talent? Is there a country or city which could do with some recruitment help?

HireCast interactive video can bring locations to life, driving more applications, attracting higher quality candidates and making your site stand out.

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Location, Location, Location

Want to show off your brand-new, state-of-the-art office? Or highlight what a fantastic team your candidates could be working with? Or just show you have a great on-site canteen? Whatever your companies selling points are, what better way to illustrate them than by showing your candidates with a HireCast Interactive Video.

Know their place

HireCast Interactive Video allows you to show candidates exactly where they will fit into your business, by showing them in depth interviews with the potential team members, managers and co-workers.

See the sights

You can use HireCast Interactive Video to show candidates local amenities and highlight transport links using an animated map, emphasizing what a great location you have, and showing any areas of interest to potential employees, such as gyms, pre-schools and nightlife.

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Opening a new location is always a huge task from a recruitment perspective. HireCast allows us to quickly create highly engaging content to create awareness of opportunities at new sites.

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