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Having problems with specific vacancies? Struggling to make your role stand out? Or, want to receive more relevant applications?

HireCast can be used to effectively improve attraction for individual vacancies, delivering more applicants, higher quality candidates and ultimately improving your ROI per vacancy.

Watch the video or read the list of features below to find out more.

Bring the role to life

By showing interviews with current employees, candidates can get a detailed impression of the responsibilities, expectations and working environment of the role very quickly. Interactive elements also offer more information if needed, ensuring all applicants can access information that is most relevant to them and are highly motivated by the time they click to apply.

As much or as little as needed

You can easily show candidates information they are interested in, in an entertaining manner, with features such as interactive maps, employee progression stories, and training opportunities. Even better, candidates select the things they are interested in, so they don’t get bogged down with superfluous information.

Strike while the iron is hot!

After giving the candidates all the required information, a clear, direct call to action leads them straight to the application page, resulting in increased conversions by suitable and eager applicants.

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HireCast has been a great way to promote both our hard to fill vacancies as well as our frequently hired for roles, increasing conversion rates and quality of applicants all round.

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