– Interactive Recruitment Video

HireCast is a recruitment video service - promoting a job, location, employer brand or grad scheme - but with built-in interactivity – directly inside the video.

A candidate can navigate and click inside a video - just like a website - creating a bespoke and different experience every time the video is watched.

How does the technology work?

  1. A normal video is linear – you can only start and stop. HireCast video is interactive. You can embed clickable elements such as text, maps, slideshows, images and videos within the video.

  2. For example, when a person in the video is talking about a role, a candidate can click a button and interactively find out more about that person while staying in the video.
  1. Also, when a video talks about training, the candidate can click a button and see an embedded slideshow or information about the training you offer - all within the video.

    The list of uses for the technology is endless. From promoting diversity, showcasing employee stories and providing commute information, to giving examples of training and slideshows of photos of your office, HireCast brings a recruitment story to life like no other solution.

    See an interactive recruitment video example here

How can interactive video be used in recruitment?

If you’d like to see how HireCast could work for your specific needs, we can create a bespoke example for you.

Click here to request a personalised showing of HireCast – we only need 15 minutes of your time.

There are no limits to how HireCast can be used but we’ve seen four main ways clients have benefited from interactive recruitment video in their recruitment campaigns:

  1. Attracting candidates in specific roles or for specific campaigns.
    See how John Lewis & Partners achieved this

  2. Promoting and increasing the reach of your employer brand.
    See how BT achieved this

  3. Supporting candidate attraction for a specific location – maybe a new office or hard to fill location.
    See how The Stars Group achieved this

  4. Attracting and converting talented graduates and apprentices.
    See how Mott MacDonald achieved this

Who uses HireCast Interactive Recruitment Video?

Companies like BT, John Lewis and Partners, Harrods, global energy company Eni, Waitrose, PokerStars, and global engineering company Mott Macdonald all successfully use HireCast.

For more detailed information, why not look at our client page?

How successful is HireCast Interactive Video?

  1. Application rates increased by 64% when HireCast was added to a vacancy page.

  2. Traffic from social media increased by 51% after HireCast was included in a campaign.

  3. Time on site increased by 88% after HireCast was used in a campaign.

  4. 90% of potential candidates at interview recalled seeing HireCast during their application.

  5. Positive perception of the employer brand increased by 20% after HireCast was added to the careers site.

How Does the Industry View Interactive Video?

The Firm Awards 2019 - 'Supplier Innovation of the Year'

The FIRM (The Forum for In-House Recruitment Managers) awarded HireCast ‘Supplier Innovation of the Year’ for the stunning results we achieved on various recruitment campaigns.

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The RMA Awards - 'Best Video'

The RMA awarded Hirecast ‘Best Video’ for our work on the John Lewis Partnership’s catering HireCast video, which utilised many of Hirecast’s interactive features to great effect.

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Where can HireCast be used?

  • HireCast can be embedded easily in your careers site.
    See an example here.

  • HireCast plays on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

  • HireCast is designed for mobile and scales across devices and tablets.
  • Job sites such as Indeed and Glassdoor support HireCast via an embedded link.

  • HireCast can be added as a link within candidate emails and email signatures.

  • Any ATS that supports embedded code can play HireCast natively, others use links to a job page containing HireCast.

How much does HireCast cost?

HireCast has three different levels of service:

  • HireCast
  • HireCast Advanced
  • HireCast Bespoke

Each is a tailored solution and the range of cost is between £10K and £20K. For more detailed information, look at our pricing page.

How is HireCast made?

Our video creation is as efficient as our interactive technology is clever. We follow a simple, 5-step process:

  • Planning: We liaise with you at every stage of creating a storyboard, location and interviewee plan, along with agreeing delivery dates and ongoing support.

  • Filming: Our film crew can capture all on-site footage in a single day of filming, or we can work with your existing video crew under the direction of our project manager.

  • Editing & Post Production: Our video management team create and edit your HireCast, giving you opportunities to provide feedback and input. Our interactive team add the HireCast polish and interactivity to the experience.
  • Publish and Share: Your final fully-interactive video is given to you along with support on adding to your careers site, publishing across social media and promotion strategies.

  • Ongoing ROI & Analytics: We give you regular analytics reports containing information about how the video has been consumed and engaged with, and which calls to action were most successful. Everything you need for demonstrable ROI.

Because of our extensive planning and experience, we can deliver a full HireCast Interactive Recruitment Video in as little as 4 weeks.

How do I make sure HireCast is successful?

Enhance Media are a full-service recruitment marketing agency so we can support with all aspects of digital attraction including SEO, PPC, design, research, analytics and social media. With regards to HireCast specifically, we have three packs that ensure your HireCast achieves maximum impact and ROI:

1. Analytics pack – Provides a detailed picture of how well HireCast is working on delivering key metrics, including insight into all interactive areas and calls to action embedded within the video. Great for tweaking videos for future improvements and providing evidence of HireCast’s success to internal stakeholders.

See an example analytics report

2. Promotion pack - Our award-winning marketing team will create a promotion pack, containing short video trailers, animated GIFs, promotional posts and images. These can be used across all social media sites to ensure the maximum traffic to your HireCast Interactive Recruitment Video.

See more here

3. Hosting pack – If you would like us to host the video we can do so and even give you a bespoke landing page for the video that integrates into your web site. We transcribe parts of the video to create a brilliant flat page experience as well as showcasing and hosting the interactive video.

See an example here

How do I see an example?

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