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In the current candidate-competitive market, it can be hard to source talent for certain areas, regions or specific offices. In these situations, it is important that you emphasize the best aspects of your role, in order to gain an advantage over your competitors and to secure the most suitable candidates for your roles. However, this can be difficult to achieve using a traditional text-based job description.

Using HireCast Interactive Video, you don’t tell candidates you are offering a great working environment, you show them. Using a full-length interactive video you can demonstrate all the best parts of your role quickly and efficiently, giving candidates an overwhelmingly positive impression of your role.

How Can HireCast Help?

Position you as a great employer

You can easily use HireCast's interactive video format to showcase the most attractive parts of your role. Using interactive features, you can demonstrate what makes your location stand out, such as amazing panoramic views, great facilities and modern exciting working spaces.

You can also make your role more attractive by using video within video interviews with staff members, so they can give candidates first-hand experience of the positive aspects of the role. Genuine testimonials from current employees give candidates an unrivalled insight into your role, as well as an authenticity impossible with a standard, text-based job descriptions.

Show that it’s not just a job

You can set your role apart from other employers by showing how working with your company is a fantastic lifestyle choice and not just a typical job. We can show candidates all the perks of your role, like a fantastic location, landmarks, beautiful parks, great restaurants, local gyms, museums and art galleries.

Using a wealth of interactive features, such as embedded google maps, we can show candidates how to easy it is to take advantage of all these local features, as well as highlighting the best transport links, showing candidates the best commuting routes to your location.

Highlight your USP’s

HireCast can be used to highlight the extra advantages to your role, to set you apart from your competition. If your role offers candidates the chance to travel to exotic locations, take part in active social club's, or if you offer employees extra incentives that your competitors simply don't, HireCast is the perfect way to demonstrate this.

Using interactive features allows candidates to explore in detail what these are and how to take advantage of them, without forcing them to sit through explanations of services they had no intention of taking advantage of.


Using HireCast Interactive Video enables employers and recruiters to showcase the most attractive parts of their roles, as well as differentiating their job postings in a highly competitive marketplace, all whilst giving applicants a great candidate experience.

Using HireCast, you can;

  • Increase application rates by up to 64%
  • Increase conversion rates by up to 70%
  • Increase positive views of employer branding by up to 20%

If you would like more information on how to HireCast can help your recruitment strategy, why not contact us at HireCast@enhancemedia.co.uk

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