Example Video – HireCast For Employer Branding

One of the best uses of HireCast Interactive Video is to promote employer brand.

Watch the example HireCast Interactive Video on the right, or see the breakdown of interactive features below.

The Interactive Features in BT’s Recruitment Video

Interactive Office Map

Fully interactive maps can be placed at any point within a HireCast Video.

This allows candidates to look at commutes, locations, local amenities and attractions without having to leave the video.

This feature occurs at 0:30.

Video within video

Video-within-video features can be directly embedded into your HireCast, allowing you to elaborate on aspects of your role.

This lets candidates access information relevant to them and choose their own unique experience within your video.

This feature occurs at 0:37.

Embedded Text & Image

Embedded text features gives candidates the option to find out more about your role, without interrupting your HireCast.

Links to external pages can also be embedded, as can direct calls to action or how to apply.

This feature occurs at 0:50.

End Of Video – call to action

Every interactive feature includes a direct call to action. This allows each feature to actively convert candidates as they can be guided to a predetermined destination such as your current vacancies.

Key Interactive Highlights

Meet the various teams

Utilising video-within-video, BT highlight their sales team, giving candidates more information on these roles.

This also includes a call to action linking directly to the careers page for the sales team.

This feature occurs at 1:14.

Our Benefits

Embedded text has been used to explain BT’s fantastic benefits and perks in greater detail.

Candidates are invited to find out more information by a link to the BT site.

This feature occurs at 1:26.

Our Technology

Using embedded text and images, candidates are given the option to get more information on the cutting edge technology BT use.

This also includes a link to their website, if candidates wish to find out more on this topic.

This feature occurs at 0:58.

Other interactive features

Other HireCast Interactive Videos also use a wealth of features, such as:

  • Embedded slideshows (see the John Lewis case study)
  • Interactive maps (see the BT case Study)
  • Branching paths (see the Mott MacDonald case study)

Other HireCast Examples

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