Example Video – HireCast For Graduates & Apprentices

A great use of HireCast Interactive Video is to attract talented graduates and apprentices.

Watch the example HireCast Interactive Video on the right, or see the breakdown of interactive features below.

The Interactive Features of Mott MacDonald's HireCast

Branching Pathways

After a short introduction, viewers are given the choice to select which path they wish to take.

Each path contains unique information relevant to that specific audience, creating a tailored experience for the viewer.

This feature occurs at 0:30.

Photo Slideshow

Photo slideshows with a variety of images can be embedded within the video.

This feature offers viewers who are interested in visual examples of offices, facilities, nearby areas of interest etc…

This feature occurs at 0:37.


Video-within-video lets you add more detail on a specific topic, with additional video content embedded within your HireCast.

This allows candidates to access information relevant to them, but is completely optional.

This feature occurs at 0:50.

Embedded text & Image

Embedded text features can give candidates the option to delve further into aspects of your role, without inconveniencing other viewers.

This can include links to other pages or link directly to your careers site or job application page.

This feature occurs at 1:14.

Key Interactive Highlights

Embedded text

Using an embedded text window, candidates can go through an apprenticeship FAQ section.

Lots of detail is given without interrupting the video.

This feature occurs at 0:58.


An embedded video gives candidates a detailed look at the careers of previous apprentices.

There is also a direct link to the projects mentioned in the video, so viewers can find out more.

This feature occurs at 1:26.

End Of Video – call to action

The video ends with a direct call to action, and a link taking the viewer straight to Mott MacDonald’s early careers site, allowing Mott to convert candidates when they are their most enthusiastic.

Other interactive features

Other HireCast Interactive Videos also use a wealth of features, such as:

  • Embedded slideshows (see the John Lewis case study)
  • Interactive maps (see the BT case Study)
  • Video-within- video (see the Mott MacDonald case study)

Other HireCast Examples

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