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The Pioneer

John Lewis were a pioneer of interactive video within recruitment.

Having tested the concept in 2016 with one video, they now have more than 10 fully interactive videos successfully used across a range of vacancies and hard-to-fill roles. They are also using HireCast for locations, departments and to set their employer brand out from the market.

Conversion rates are up 64% on pages with HireCasts added.

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The “Day in the Life” Challenge

BT wanted to create a short, engaging video, to demonstrate to potential candidates what their first day at BT would be like.

HireCast enabled them to create a fun, innovative video, running through the fantastic activities a candidate could participate in. Complimenting the video are the interactive features, which give candidates in-depth information on specific areas they are most interested in.

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The Apprentice Challenge

In the highly competitive world of engineering, Mott MacDonald needed a way to make their apprenticeship program stand out from competitors and lead the market. They turned to HireCast.

The bespoke HireCast solution appeals to prospective apprentices, students and parents. It uses innovative and interactive features within the video to provide support and detailed information.

Positive brand perception rose by 25% after HireCast was introduced.

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The New Team

With the changes in services offered in Waitrose stores, the company needed to hire a new type of candidate with a different skill set in a competitive, hard to fill market.

To appeal to their new audience, Waitrose used HireCast to promote their brand story, in-store roles and superb benefits package – all using interactive elements to bring the stories to life.

Social media traffic rose 51% after the implementation of HireCast.

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