Example Video – HireCast Specific Roles

HireCast works fantastically at attracting candidates to specific, hard to fill roles.

Watch the example HireCast Interactive Video on the right, or see the breakdown of interactive features below.

The Interactive Features in John Lewis & Partners

Embedded Text & Image

Embedded text features can give candidates more information on specific aspects of your role, directly within the main video.

This can include links to additional information or directly to your job application page.

This feature occurs at 0:07.


The video-within-video feature allows you to embed additional video content within the main video.

Candidates can access information relevant to them and create their own unique experience.

This feature occurs at 0:28.

Interactive Maps

Fully interactive maps can be placed at any point within a HireCast Video.

Candidates are given location and commute information through an interactive experience.

This feature occurs at 1:30.

Embed multiple interactive features

Using a combination of interactive elements, you can fit a lot of information into one interactive window.

You can use a combination of features to explain complicated or lengthy subjects to candidates, and include calls to action as well.

This feature occurs at 2:18.

Key Interactive Highlights

What does the Partnership mean to you?

Video-within-video is used to explain in detail the Partnership’s corporate values and EVP.

There is also a link to the relevant page on the company's site to give candidates more information.

This feature occurs at 1:58.

Opportunities for progress

A video-within-video gives candidates detailed information about the development and training schemes available at John Lewis & Partners.

This also includes a direct link to the IT careers site, encouraging candidates to apply for roles.

This feature occurs at 1:07.

End Of Video – call to action

The video ends with a direct call to action, and a link taking the viewer straight to the John Lewis & Partners careers site, turning a standard video into an effective recruitment tool and driving applications to John Lewis and Partners.

Other interactive features

Other HireCast Interactive Videos also use a wealth of features, such as:

  • Embedded slideshows & video-within-video (see the John Lewis case study)
  • Interactive Maps (see the Stars Group case study)
  • Branching paths (see the Mott MacDonald case study)

Other HireCast Examples

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