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Waitrose & Partners: HireCast for Employer Branding

Waitrose & Partners are the UK’s sixth largest retailer, owning 353 stores and three large regional distribution centre’s. Overall, Waitrose & Partners employs over 52,000 people in a variety of roles.

As Waitrose & Partners operates in the highly competitive retail sector, it is very important for them to have a strong employer brand that is widely seen and easily recognisable by candidates, in order to differentiate themselves from their competition.

Also, this is crucial to ensure that they attract the best candidates for the multitude of roles needed to help the business continue to thrive and grow.

How Did HireCast Help?

Showcase the Employer Brand

As a retailer with lots of high-profile competition, Waitrose & Partners needed a way to clearly promote their employer brand, in order to attract the best candidates to its roles.

HireCast is an ideal solution to the problem of raising awareness of an employer brand amongst potential candidates, as a completely bespoke interactive video job description it easily attracts the attention of applicants.

Because of its compatibility with various social media platforms and websites, along with its ability to be completely customised, Waitrose & Partners were able to create exciting and unique video content demonstrating their Employer Brand and quickly share it across a variety of channels.

Used Employees as the Best Recruitment Tool

One issue that Waitrose & Partners faced, like many employers, is how to communicate their employer brand, culture and values in a manner that was authentic and didn’t come across as corporate spiel. HireCast was able to do this by using Waitrose & Partners’ most valuable asset: their employees.

By utilising interviews with staff and managers that were related closely with the roles they were advertising, Waitrose & Partners were able to explain facets of the role from first-hand knowledge. They also covered other facets, such as corporate culture, working environment and employer values.

Having this information come directly from real members of staff adds weight and authenticity to your employer brand, which is something that would be impossible using a traditional text-based job description.

Demonstrated the best parts of the Partnership

In a crowded retail market, Waitrose & Partners needed to show that they are the best employer in the sector. HireCast enabled Waitrose & Partners to do this by using its many interactive features, such as; video-within-video, interactive slideshows, embedded Google Maps and implanted PDFs.

Using these features, Waitrose & Partners’ were able to showcase fantastic perks that only they could offer. These included discounts in Waitrose & Partners owned stores and hotels, staff canteens and breakrooms, and access to cookery schools and courses up and down the country.

Because these are optional interactive features, it allowed Waitrose & Partners to fit a large amount of information into a concise and entertaining video. In this way, candidates could access the information that interested them, without overburdening them with details that did not.

Good, Old Fashioned Branding

Part of successful brand recognition is creating a distinct aesthetic style, and keeping this across a range of products and content. This can be hard to adhere to when creating new and exciting content, yet is vital for cohesive and effective company branding.

Because HireCast is completely customisable, Waitrose & Partners were able to tailor all aspects to easily fit with the company’s branding guidelines. This included; watermarking videos with the Waitrose & Partners logo, exclusively using brand colours within the design of interactive features, and creating graphics that aligned with Waitrose & Partners’ branding guidelines.

This way each HireCast had a distinct look and feel that was unique to Waitrose & Partners, and fitted in easily with their branding guidelines.


Using HireCast Interactive Video enables employers and recruiters to showcase the most attractive parts of their roles, as well as differentiating their job postings in a highly competitive marketplace, all whilst giving applicants a great candidate experience.

Since its launch in 2018, Waitrose & Partners have been an early adopter of HireCast. They’ve used it to advertise for a variety of roles, ranging from Customer Delivery and LGV Drivers to Warehouse Partners.

HireCast has proved its effectiveness as a recruiting tool, as well as the boost that it gives to brand recognition and reputation. Because of this, Waitrose & Partners are using HireCast interactive video in tandem with traditional job descriptions, in order to improve the effectiveness and reach of their job postings.

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